customer feedback

4 ways to use customer feedback to your advantage

Posted by Andrew Mead

Customer feedback is essential for company development, and there are arguably no better ways to find out what needs fixing (if anything) with regards to your business. However you choose to gather it, whether through surveys, social listening or customer feedback forms, the insight it provides can present a wide array opportunities to improve your processes and increase customer satisfaction.

Here are just 4 to get you started…

Update or improve your product or service

It is important that all feedback is properly logged and recorded, to make it easy to spot if customers are highlighting one particular issue time and time again. If this is the case, go back to your customers to gain as much information as possible about the problem, and start taking steps to rectify it. Once you have made any necessary changes, continue to garner feedback to gauge how well the improvements are being received. 

Share feedback throughout your business

Depending on how it is received, customer feedback has the potential to hit a dead end. For example, any message sent via social media may hit the person who handles those channels but go no further, or members of the complaints team may resolve an issue and then consider it closed.
To make sure products, services and processes can continually be improved it is important that all feedback is received by its intended audience -- i.e., if the complaint is about the payment process, the finance department should be made aware. That’s why it is important to encourage the sharing of all customer feedback -- both good and bad -- through your organisation on a regular basis. 

Improve staff knowledge

If you know what questions your customers are asking, you’ll be better placed to help ensure that your staff are fully equipped to deal with them. For example, if your customers often have particular problems with setting up an account or accessing an online portal, make sure the staff fielding these complaints are fully trained and able to walk them through the process. 

Make your customers feel valued

Simply by asking for, and then listening to, customer feedback, you are showing your client base just how much you value their opinion on your business and the service it provides. If you make any improvements to a service or process as a result of customer feedback, be sure to let them know, to demonstrate that you are listening to what they have to say.