5 ridiculous alternatives to GPS tracking

Posted by Andrew Mead

GPS tracking may well offer businesses a whole host of time and money saving features, but it is far from the only way to keep an eye on your fleet. If you decide that GPS just isn’t for you, here are five alternatives you may want to consider (and very quickly dismiss)!

Running alongside your vehicles

Not only will this method let you keep an incredibly close eye on your vehicles, but it’s also a great way to stay in shape. For those wishing to remain covert, you also have the option of running in your drivers’ blind spot as you go. There is one major downside of course, unless your fleet drives everywhere in convoy, it is incredibly tricky to monitor more than one vehicle. 

Calling your drivers every five seconds

This is a great way to get to know your drivers better, and in no way is it annoying. OK, so most conversations will be fairly short:
“Where are you?”
“Just at the Dartford Crossing.”

“Where are you now?”
“The other side of the Dartford Crossing.”
…and so on.
Sure, you might need to up your inclusive minutes with your phone provider, but at least you’ll know your drivers every movement -- providing they tell the truth of course.
Have drivers drop breadcrumbs

Who needs some sophisticated tracking software when you have bread? It worked for Hansel and Gretel didn’t it?! Just arm each of your drivers with a unique loaf every morning -- white, brown, rye and so on -- and instruct them to drop a few crumbs every two or three feet. 

NOTE: It is not advisable to employ this tactic in high wind or anywhere near Trafalgar Square. 

Hire a private detective

Why spend your time traipsing around after your drivers when you can simply hire someone else to do it for you? Find your local sleuth in the Yellow Pages and get them out there beating the streets and keeping an eye on your fleet. The only potential downside: you may end up finding out more about your employees than you ever wanted to. 

Finally… track their mobile phones

A surprisingly common way to "track" drivers and technicians is by tracking their mobile phones. Now, granted they have to keep their phones with them AND the phone has to be on AND there has to be reception in the area, but still there's always a good chance that you'll have some idea of where your people were at some point in time, probably.