employee appreciation

4 ways to show your appreciation to your employees

Posted by Andrew Mead

A happy employee is a productive one, and there are few things your staff will appreciate more than being shown just how grateful you are to have them -- a business is its people, after all.
Employee recognition programs are a great way to keep your workforce happy, motivated and productive, and the best part is, they don’t have to break the bank. Below are four great ways to say “keep up the good work!”

Award an Employee of the Month
Allowing staff to nominate their pick for the award each month helps to build a sense of community and camaraderie among employees and shows your staff that their hard work does not go unnoticed.
The winner of the award each month should be recognised company-wide and rewarded with a special prize or privilege, such as a much-coveted parking spot or an early finish.

Set goals and incentivise 

Your employees most likely already have monthly, quarterly or annual goals and objections, but attaching an additional incentive to these objectives further demonstrates that you care about their professional success. 

These incentives could be anything from gift cards or free lunches to dress-down or bring your dog to work days.
Recognise loyalty
In the modern age, employee turnover can be fairly high, which is all the more reason to reward the employees who stick around! Take the time to, at the very least, acknowledge the anniversary of your employees working for your company and offer rewards at key dates -- one year, three years, five years and so on. 

Encourage customer recognition
Allowing your customers to nominate staff for reward when they offer exceptional service is an ideal way to incentivise better performance while helping you to gather valuable customer feedback. Again, be sure to recognise any winners company-wide and circulate the best customer service success stories throughout your company on a regular basis. 

Did we miss anything? How do you show your appreciation to your employees? Let us know in the comments section.