Tracking The Teams This Summer

Posted by Andrew Mead

With the big tournament kicking off tonight, 24 football managers from around the world will be putting the finishing touches to their plans and giving their final instructions to the teams that they hope will deliver them success. This is a scenario that should strike a chord with fleet managers across the world too, as their preparation for success is not much different. Both fleet and football managers must hatch a plan to achieve their goals – some figurative, others literal – and give their personnel the right tools and guidance to help them be in the right place at the right time. 

However, while the football manager can do little more than scream from the sidelines once his team crosses the white line, the fleet manager can call on GPS tracking to help maintain full control of his team long after they’ve hit the road. With that in mind, let’s take a look at a few teams that could benefit from fleet tracking to iron out some bad behaviours – all too prevalent in both fleets and football teams!

Croatia – The harsh brakers

Coming to a stop too quickly is not good news for your fleet. Not only can it lead to accidents, but it also wastes fuel – so much so that frequent hard acceleration and braking is thought to decrease fuel efficiency by up to three miles per gallon. Then, of course, there’s the wear and tear that frequent incidents of harsh braking inflicts on the brakes themselves. Over time, harsh braking can cause brakes to overheat, erode and ultimately break.

You don’t want your players to come to a stop on the football pitch too quickly either, particularly if that stoppage is due the referee’s whistle. Just ask Croatian manager, Ante Čačić, who saw his team come to an abrupt halt, having committed a foul, no less 131 times during qualifying. Just as this behaviour has consequences for fleets, so too does it for football teams. Čačić lost three of his players to red cards in just ten games. If Čačić had the option of using a Fleetmatics solution to monitor this bad habit, his team could be more like Germany, who received only ten yellow cards in ten games without a single red.
Switzerland – Taking their eye off the ball

If there’s one thing that saps the efficiency out of both fleets and football teams, it’s personnel not being where they should be when you need them. When it comes to fleets, this could be a driver taking a scenic route, embarking on a detour for personal reasons, or using a company vehicle at time or in a location where they are not authorised to be. This is a feeling that Switzerland manager Vladimir Petković knows only too well. He has watched his team squander countless chances to boost their goalscoring efficiency by wandering offside on no less than 38 occasions in their ten qualifying games.

With a fleet tracking solution monitoring his players every movement, however, Petković would have been able to geofence the area of the pitch behind the last defender – letting him know where his team is located and boosting their chances of hitting the target!

Andorra – Inefficient Routing

A key part of running both a fleet and a football team is finding the most efficient way to achieve your goals – whether that is getting the ball to your best striker inside the opposition's box, or coordinating the fastest route from Cornwall to Carlisle. The more efficient the route, the more goals – or stops, pickups or deliveries – can be achieved. Just ask Germany manager Joachim Löw, whose side’s 92% pass completion rate has seen them yield 24 goals in their last ten qualifying games. 

At the other end of the scale, of course, poor and inefficient routing is only ever going to hamper your performance. Sending a driver round the houses and back on himself to complete his day’s jobs is not only a waste of fuel but also limits the amount of jobs he can complete in any given time. Andorra manager Koldo Álvarez knows all about this, having looked on in horror as his team’s rather lacklustre 60% pass completion rate resulted in just four goals throughout their Euro 2016 qualifying campaign. 

Needless to say, Álvarez’s men failed to qualify, finishing bottom of their group with zero points. With a fleet tracking solution in place, who knows what might have been – Andorra crowned European Champions 2016?

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