Films that could have benefitted from GPS

Posted by Andrew Mead

With technology now an integral part of our lives, it’s almost impossible to get lost, lose touch, or disappear off the face of the earth. For the characters in some of our favourite films, however, their lack of GPS tracking meant that they found themselves in a whole host of perilous situations…

The Blair Witch Project

If the unfortunate characters in The Blair Witch Project had been carrying a simple GPS tracking tool, they could have walked straight out of the woods the moment they realised they were lost. Instead they walked round in circles, cried to camera, and bumped into a rather nasty witch! 

Finding Nemo

We all know the plot to this one – Nemo goes missing and his Dad has to explore the ocean to find him. But, imagine for a second that Nemo had been fully equipped with a GPS tracking device (a waterproof, fish-friendly one, of course); his Dad could have found him with nothing more than the touch of a button, rather than an expedition around the ocean.

127 Hours

In this film, James Franco’s character finds himself alone and trapped in a mountain ravine with his arm wedged tightly beneath a boulder. If only Franco’s cavalier character had been tooled up with the latest GPS device, he could have led his rescuers straight to him and left the ravine with both arms intact! 

The Wizard of Oz 

If only Toto had been chipped with a GPS tracking system. Poor old Dorothy could have found him in a matter of minutes, rather than searching through the cornfields …and ending up in Oz!

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