England vs. Wales: Post-Game Fleet Analysis

Posted by Stacey Papp

The final whistle has been blown and the scores are in. It was a close-cut game of sky high England attempts on goal and questionable “no hand ball” calls from the referee. But at the end of the day, goals win games and England just scored more than Wales: a contentious half-volley from Jamie Vardy and a skilful screamer from Daniel Sturridge in extra time. 

Regardless of the outcome, both managers will be analysing the post-game statistics to work out what their team did well and what they can learn for the next game. Much in the same way that fleet managers using Fleetmatics software may be sitting down this evening to work out their star players  and points for improvement.

Both football and fleet managers look for the same indicators when measuring their team’s performance: an efficient use of energy, strategic routing and points on the board (money in the bank!). How would the boys from England and Wales have fared today if they had been behind the wheel of a vehicle fleet?

Goals > Jobs Completed
Back of the net! Just as sinking a screamer means points on the table, completing that job means money in the bank. You don’t get any points for nearly completing a job in this game; it took England most of the second half to realise they weren’t playing rugby, after skying several attempts on goal.

That sort of delivery just would not cut it on the road. However, after some careful re-routing, England secured some successful deliveries, completing two jobs to Wales’ one.

Offsides > Quick Starts
It’s still up for debate whether England’s Jamie Vardy fell into the offside trap when he put one past Wales’ keeper Wayne Hennessey in the second half. If he had been caught offside, not only is it against the rules, it would have also been a waste of energy and effort. Out on the road, fleet drivers who pull off too quickly risk points on their license and also an inefficient use of fuel.

Fouls > Harsh Driving
No-one in the stands likes a dirty player, just like other road users won’t appreciate your drivers cutting them up. Today’s game was fairly clean; England would have committed 10 instances of harsh driving to Wales’ nine. 

But was that a handball from Wales’ Ben Davies in the England box? There must have been no film in the traffic camera today, otherwise Davies may have ended up with a ticket.

Cards > Unauthorised Fuel Transactions
If the ref sees, serious foul play on the pitch will lead to cards. On the road, Unauthorised Fuel Transactions carry similar penalties…if they are noticed. 

Ben Davies did get noticed with a crunching stomp tackle on England’s Lallana, landing him the only yellow card of the game. Davies could expect serious consequences from his manager for such carless behaviour out on the roads.

Man of the Match > Driver Scorecard
Announcing the man of the match is an important part of recognising the top talent on the pitch. The Fleetmatics Driver Scorecard enables you to spot your star player and reward them for their outstanding performance.

England right-back Kyle Walker was named man of the match today. His commitment to pushing into attacking positions and putting great balls into the box would be a great asset to ensure that fleets are using efficient routes and securing multiple job completions. 

Possession > Time on the Road 
The longer your team keeps possession of the ball the more likely they are to put one past the keeper. Similarly, the more time your drivers spend on the road, the more jobs they’re likely to complete.

This approach rings true after today’s game, with England taking the win and holding 64 percent of ball possession.

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