Five Common Concerns About GPS Tracking

Posted by Andrew Mead

You might be aware of the benefits of GPS tracking – fuel savings, safer driver behaviour, faster response times, accurate timesheets, and so on – but perhaps you, like many, are still undecided on whether the pros really outweigh the cons?

With that in mind, below we have addressed five common concerns about GPS tracking.

1 – My employees won’t like it Bosses often worry that their staff will feel like they are not trusted or their performance is being called into question, if fleet tracking is mentioned. The truth of the matter, however, is that once they fully understand how much easier fleet tracking makes their day-to-day lives, the majority of drivers readily embrace it. 
The key is to get your drivers on board is allowing them to see that GPS would improve business and make their lives easier – allowing them to take the most efficient route at all times, conserve fuel and develop better driving habits.

2. It’s expensive Implementing a fleet tracking system certainly isn’t cheap. Once you starting rolling out the per vehicle, per month costs across your entire fleet, it very quickly adds up. However, as with any investment, the focus should be on the return. 
Many companies see their tracking system begin to pay for itself within the first month of implementation, due to fuel savings alone. There is also the potential to use tracking systems to recover stolen vehicles, helping to reduce the costs associated with the loss of a vehicle from your fleet.
3. I don’t have time to monitor the software For many, the benefits of GPS tracking are clear, but business owners may wonder who has the time to sit and take in all the information they send in. While this seems like a legitimate concern, in reality, any fleet tracking system worth its salt will do all the work for you. 
Users can set up custom alerts and reports which can be emailed to relevant contacts when needed. If a driver is speeding or is in an undesignated area, providing an alert is set up – the user be immediately informed. 

4. Tracking is only for big businesses  Fleet tracking systems may seem complex, but they don’t have to be. The best GPS tracking providers develop their software with ease-of-use very clearly in mind. The Fleetmatics system in particular, is focused on giving business owners and fleet managers access to the information they want, without having to sift through a sea of data.
A good fleet tracking system should be easy to use and allow you to make the most of as little or as much of the solution and you need to.  

5. It’s a too big a commitment
Implementing fleet tracking is likely to have an impact on your business well into the foreseeable future, so yes, it’s fair to say it’s a big commitment. But, bear in mind, many businesses who once thought it was too big a commitment now wonder how they ever survived before implementing their fleet tracking solution.
While it is, of course, important to weigh up all the pros and cons when making any investment, this problem, like the others in this list, is easily outweighed by the cost savings and peace of mind that only GPS tracking can offer. 

So, with your concerns alleviated, if you’re ready to start discussing your fleet tracking options – or even if there’s still a few niggles you’d like to talk through – speak to a fleet management consultant today on 0800 975 4566 or email

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