Motor-vation: What's Driving Your Drivers?

Posted by Andrew Mead

As a fleet manager, how do you motivate your drivers to consistently deliver a quality performance? How can you incentivise staff to improve? If you can engage positively with your drivers, you're on the right road to boosting the performance of both individuals and your company. Here are five ways to help you make that happen… 

Reward – Produce 'league tables' based on fuel efficiency, speeding infringements, and driving events like rapid acceleration, harsh steering,  and heavy breaking – to encourage healthy competition for your drivers. 

A competitive element in the fleet should see increased performance levels and results – which can lead to financial savings for the company. A percentage of these savings could then be passed on to the 'winner' by way of reward.  

Recognition – Recognition of a driver’s performance and results can also go a long way to making them feel valued by the company. Whether this is fed back to the driver at an annual review, a team meeting or even a mention in the internal newsletter; employees want to feel that their efforts haven’t gone unnoticed or are taken for granted by management. 

Technology – Using technology to give drivers real-time feedback on their performance can create an environment of self-improvement within the fleet. Drivers are given the opportunity to improve efficiency by receiving information relayed to a mobile device, making them aware of any improvements or corrections that could be made to their driving in real time.

Education – Organising fleet driving training courses can help both your business and your drivers. Not only will knowledge and skill levels improve, but drivers will also feel invested in. What’s more, the company may profit, as better drivers mean improved road safety performance, which can lead to reductions in insurance premiums, claims, fuel costs and vehicle wear and tear. 

Communication – Good communication between the staff behind the wheel and the staff behind the desks can really pay dividends. A better connected workforce will automatically feel more engaged with the company if they are receiving timely updates and information. 

Whether this is traffic news, changes of destination, or job cancellations, the sooner and clearer the communication, the better for the driver. 

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