3 Interesting Uses of GPS

Posted by Andrew Mead


As much as we’d like to help out with all of your tracking needs, at Fleetmatics we stick to tracking fleets. That’s not to say we don’t take an interest in all of the other amazing things that GPS can help you keep an eye on, however. From finding lost loved ones to recovering from a misplaced swing, here are 3 interesting uses of GPS…

Keep an eye on your kids Thanks to new “smart soles” – shoes programmed with tiny GPS tracking devices – parents everywhere can have peace of mind should their little ones decide to go on a wander. A handy web portal and app allows mum and dad to keep an eye on the kids remotely.  

Find your lost pet The latest craze in pet pampering is the GPS collar – perfect for curious cats and inquisitive canines. Gone are the days of printing posters and pounding the streets in search of fluffy. Thanks to these smart wearables, all you need to do is hop in the car with your phone and get on the tail (pun intended) of your favourite companion.
Stay out of the rough Ok, so GPS can’t actually keep you out of the rough… but it can help you get your ball out of there quicker after a rogue swing. Radar golf balls are equipped with a microchip which lets you find out where your ball landed without having to hack through the cabbage first! 

While we can’t help you find your cat or keep you on the fairway, we can certainly help you get the most from your fleet – check out the free Fleetmatics REVEAL demo to see how.

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