customer data

3 tips for making the most of your customer data

Posted by Andrew Mead

Building and nurturing a large database is only the first step in harnessing the power of your customer data. To really make it count, you need to ask yourself, how much value is my customer data adding to my business? Do my staff have the right access to my customer data and, ultimately, is my customer data helping to improve service for my customers?

With our three top tips, you should be able to answer those questions with ease…

Make sure your data is adding value
The first step in ensuring the value of your data is, of course, to make sure it is of high quality. How? Always be on the lookout for dormant, out of date or duplicate entries and take the opportunity to confirm current details with your customers each time you interact. 

Low-quality data can result in higher costs – think unread mailers for example – not to mention the potential for misunderstanding customer profile. 

Make your data accessible
A huge pot of data is great, but if it is taking your staff an age to sift through it for the information they need, it starts to become less than worthwhile. Make sure your data is broken down and filtered by the specific information that your staff actually need to access to better perform their jobs.

Make sure your data is improving the customer experience

Maintaining accurate customer records on things such as previous purchases and enquiries can help you to make personal recommendations to your customers. You can also use this information to inform them of any services they may find useful that they are not already making use of and provide your staff with a valuable tool for up and cross selling. 
Essentially, the more you know about your customers – and the ease with which that data can be understood – the higher the level of service you can provide.