Top 5 Tips for Staying Safe at Work

Posted by Andrew Mead

According to the Health and Safety Executive, around 600,000 workplace injuries take place every year -- 350,000 of which lead to an absence from work of over three days.*   In light of stats like these, it’s clear to see how investing time and money in your work safety program now can make an enormous difference to your company further down the road. 

Not only can it potentially save you money, but it can also help you cut down on incidents, accidents and potentially worse. Here are our top five tips for staying safe at work…

Spot hazards early

When it comes to work safety, it can pay to be proactive, so be on the lookout for anything that could cause harm or injury to you and your staff in the future. 

Once you have identified possible hazards within your workplace, put a plan in place to help minimise any potential risk -- whether this is removing the potential hazard entirely or providing extra safety measures for the performance of certain tasks. It is often a good idea to involve your employees in this process since they likely have a better idea of any work hazards as they are already dealing with them daily. 

Train and retrain

When new employees come on board, it is a great idea to provide training to them and any existing employees who may need a brush-up. Depending on your work environment, this does not have to be a long, arduous affair, you may be able to simply take 10 or so minutes at the beginning or end of the working day to highlight any issues and demonstrate the importance of safety to your staff.
Ensure that safety is everyone’s responsibility 

Of course as an employer, it is up to you to provide a safe working environment. However, you can’t be everywhere at all times, so it is important that each team member takes responsibility for their own personal safety. Train your staff to carry out site safety inspections and listen to any feedback they may have about certain tasks or pieces of equipment that may present hazards now or in the future. 

Stay informed

Keep up to date with industry trends, resources and regulations. Many trade publications, along with the Health and Safety Executive website, provide useful sources of information, as well as offering downloadable assets such as fact sheets and checklists, which you can print out and display throughout your workplace.  

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