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Groomed for Government Fleet Management

Start managing hundreds or even thousands of vehicles with the simplicity of Fleetmatics REVEAL for Enterprise. Our complete platform takes the complexity out of data and provides you with answers for managing the largest fleets on the road today.

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Increased Fuel Efficiency

Discover where fuel is being wasted and become more efficient through reducing vehicle speed, decreasing idle speed and more.

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Begin tracking speeding, harsh breaking, vehicle maintenance, scheduling status, and vehicle location to keep your drivers safe.

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Vehicle Utilisation Information

Get precise fuelling information for your overall fleet, as well as individual fuel usage of a specific vehicle so you can easily pinpoint any fuel wasting practices, or outright fuel theft.

Reduce Fuel Labour Costs

Say goodbye to wasted fuel costs at the same time you’re helping to eliminate timesheet and overtime fraud. You’re welcome, tax payers.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Save the planet while you save money.

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