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"Fleetmatics Red Flag instant alerts are set up on all the vehicles and so my drivers never speed.”
Lee Goodwin

How has Oakleafe managed to save money with the Fleetmatics fleet management system?

Little did the Goodwin family know that they would be singing the praises of Fleetmatics’ fleet management system within months of it being installed into its fleet of eight vehicles. Lee Goodwin is Owner of Oakleafe Ltd, based in Dagenham, a building contractor that services the insurance repair sector across London and Essex. 
Initially Mr Goodwin found it difficult to justify to his father that their company should invest in a fleet management system: “My father was cautious that Fleetmatics was an unnecessary expense and was quite resistant to the whole idea – of course, now he thinks it’s the best investment that we’ve ever made!”
So how has Oakleafe managed to save money with the Fleetmatics fleet management system? Lee Goodwin gives six very compelling examples…
“We took a call one day from a lady claiming that one of our vans had bumped into her car, causing thousands of pounds worth of damage. As she provided us with the date and time of the alleged accident and the vehicle’s registration number, we interrogated our tracker logs and were able to prove that the vehicle was 70 miles away at the time of the accident. The insurance claim never followed.”  
“Our drivers take the vehicles home at night, with the knowledge that they mustn’t be used outside of hours unless authorised. One evening a Fleetmatics speeding App alert came through showing a van doing 94 mph on the motorway, I quickly called the driver up and he was at home; it soon came to light that the vehicle was stolen, so we alerted the police and the vehicle was quickly found.”
“Drivers have fuel allowances; this is common practice for building contractors. Using Fleetmatics to monitor fuel and private use, we managed to save the company £200 per week.  There was one example whereby it transpired that two employees were moonlighting with my vehicles at weekends… this have never happened again.”
“Vans should not be going above 70mph – not only is it illegal, but it’s too fast for a van and high speeds waste fuel. Fleetmatics Red Flag instant alerts are set up on all the vehicles and so my drivers never speed.” 
“In London, vehicles are not allowed to put two wheels on, park on, touch or bump any pavement. When we received an £85 ticket citing one of our vans had done this, we were in a slight dilemma as it could have been one of three drivers that day as the vans are shared and none of the drivers would own up to it. We now have a company policy stating that, whenever vans are shared, whoever’s Fleetmatics Driver ID key was last presented is responsible for the journey taken. On this principle, we now know exactly who is driving which van at all times.”
“One of our drivers leaves for work early each day so that he can avoid the traffic. He would arrive 40 minutes early and sit in the van with the engine idling to keep warm… this is just an unnecessary waste of fuel. Fleetmatics alerted me about this excessive idling and it has stopped; instead, he now avails himself to a cup of our finest tea.” 
“I am delighted with Fleetmatics,” said Mr Goodwin. “It’s the best investment we have ever made.”

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