GPS Vehicle Tracking for the Coach & Bus Industry


Bus Fleet ManagementReducing fuel spend, increasing productivity and providing additional security for drivers and passengers are the top three reasons why the coach and bus industry is turning to GPS vehicle tracking according to a recent customer survey of more than 50 coach and bus operators by Fleetmatics. 

With the average UK diesel price standing at 141.9 pence per litre*, it will come as no surprise that the spiralling cost of fuel is now the industry’s obsession. Driving down fuel usage is the biggest benefit operators cited since installing Fleetmatics. The Software As A Service (SAAS) GPS fleet tracking system helps control fuel expenditure in a number of ways: 

  • Reduces vehicle idling times
  • Minimise mileage by deploying nearest vehicles 
  • More economical speed/driving style 
  • Improves routing, reducing unnecessary driving 
  • Generates fleet reports showing improper fuel use

Fleetmatics enables operators to demonstrate and explain to drivers exactly how they can individually have a direct impact on lowering fuel expenditure.

“Since installing the Fleetmatics system, idling time has dropped by 10s of hours per week. We estimate that it costs at least a gallon in fuel for every hour of idling."
—Charles Robinson, Owner, Robinson Kimbolton

 “We are confident that we have reduced our fuel bill by at least 6% which equates to savings of up to £6,800 per annum – this alone is well-worth the investment in Fleetmatics.”
—Ian Butler, Managing Director, Butlers Buses

Productivity is the second major business concern that the Fleetmatics customer survey brought to light. There are many techniques a GPS vehicle tracking system, which uses sophisticated GPS mapping (Google Maps including ‘Street view’), can provide coach and bus operators to enable them to increase the productivity of their fleet.

  • Optimising routing and dispatch
  • Finding the nearest vehicle to any location instantly
  • Reducing phone calls to drivers
  • Keeping vehicles serviced regularly

“Thanks to the system I can now look at a specific area, see where all of my customers are and group or allocate the fleet accordingly.”
—Thaya Nadarajah, Transport Manager, Everydays Travel

‘Peace of mind’ is a particular phrase that operators across all sectors use more than any other when they are discussing GPS fleet tracking but in many different contexts:

  • Knowledge that drivers and their passengers are secure and safe
  • Assurance that each job is proceeding smoothly
  • Reducing unauthorised vehicle use
  • Identifying when vehicles have been stolen
  • Discovering and reducing unsafe driving habits
  • Reinforcing driver safety training

“We’ve had instances when one of our coaches has been cited as being in an accident or caused damage; by retrieving time and location data from the system I was able to prove that in fact it was not our company’s vehicles that were involved. Also, when customers have phoned the office to say that they missed the coach because it left the pick-up point early, we can prove that the driver left at the agreed time.”
—Charles Robinson, Owner, Robinson Kimbolton

Even by using the very basic information that the GPS vehicle tracking system offers, operators can gain greater insight into how their business is actually running. By using the latest features of the Fleetmatics system there is enormous scope for increasing revenue and reducing costs, which is good news for any business.