Increase Fleet Safety and Driver Safety

Fleet Security Dashboard

It’s easier said than done to keep track of your two most important business assets: your people and your vehicles. With the Fleetmatics solution, you’ll know how your drivers are performing, where your trucks are and if your fleet is safe – at all times and with ease.

Gain Peace of Mind

With fleet tracking, you can monitor your drivers' speed and your vehicles’ locations to improve fleet security. We can even install panic buttons for emergency situations. You’ll have a clear picture into your entire fleet, making it possible to:

  • Curb unsafe driving habits before they lead to more serious issues

  • Quickly recover stolen fleet vehicles

  • Reduce unauthorised fleet vehicle use

  • Reduce speeding to lower the risk of accidents

  • Respond quickly to emergencies by knowing the precise location of field technicians

Rein in Speeding, Boost Safety, and Reduce Liability

“I use the ‘Red Flag Report’ function on the Fleetmatics system to alert me when a driver is speeding. This is a great service to have because over time it has made drivers more aware of their speed and as a result it has stopped them speeding!”
- Andy Ling, MD, Redhead Couriers Ltd, Essex, England.


When your drivers exceed the speed limit, they’re putting the safety, liability and reputation of your business at risk. Most GPS vehicle tracking solutions only provide insight into speeding on motorways and duel carriage ways. But most businesses operate on local, residential roads where speeding is even riskier.

With Fleetmatics' Speed Limits feature, you get the most comprehensive source of speed limit information across all types of roads and geographies, including local and residential roads. With this newfound visibility, you can increase fleet security and safety in numerous ways:

  • Easily monitor speeding activity with new Dashboard metrics for Speeding Severity and Speeding Violations
  • Create, manage, and enforce a speeding policy using both frequency and severity of speed limit violations
  • Quickly identify speed limit violations
  • Investigate violations in detail through our Route Replay capability