Driver Management Software

Driver Management: Welcome to the Whole Picture

A look into Fleetmatics REVEAL driver management software

A driver changing vehicles should never lead to an incomplete picture of their driving behaviours. With Fleetmatics REVEAL, you'll never have to worry about which vehicle your driver is using because of our key fob driver monitoring system.

Driver ID Key Reader

How it works

  • Each driver gets a unique key fob, required for each journey.
  • A key reader to identify drivers is installed on the vehicle's dash along with our GPS tracking unit.
  • When the vehicle is turned on, the driver presents the key fob into the key reader.

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Multiple vehicles? No problem.


Get any key report, fleet dashboard or visual activity view based on driver, not just vehicle. So even if a driver changes vehicles multiple times in a day or week, we aggregate the driver tracking information to give you a clean, consistent view so you have confidence in managing your drivers.
Driver Management Data