Vehicle Management Report

Fleet Vehicle Management Custom Reporting is Better Reporting

Vehicle management reports can make a real impact on ROI (RETURN ON INVESTMENT)

Fleetmatics REVEAL’s reports have the unique ability to turn data into useful and actionable information so you know more than just where vehicles were.

Fleet Report Sharing

Share Reports

Share reports with other members of your team based on their responsibility in an easy-to-read format so you can quickly scan details that make a difference.

Reports that do the hard work

Fuel Report Icon

Fuel reports

Get control over your fuel spend and boost vehicle efficiency.

Fleet Activity Icon

Activity reports

See everything that’s happening in the field.

Timecard Report Icon

Timecard reports

Reduce fleet labour costs so hours worked equals hours paid.
Fleet Summary Icon

Summary reports

See the big picture without getting lost in the details.

Driving Style Icon

Driving style reports

Get complete visibility into individual driving habits and rank drivers.