Fleet Tracking Dashboard

A Tracking Dashboard that Rolls with You 

How our fleet tracking software makes a real difference  

Start understanding the true impact your fleet’s performance has on your business through a number of dashboards that answer previously unanswered questions. That’s what we call a fleet tracking solution. 

Fleet Fuel Dashboard

Show me the money

No longer will you see the good and bad in only hours and miles, but in pounds and pence. It will become clear where money is being wasted on engine hours, overtime hours, fuel costs and more.

“With Fleetmatics the Dashboard is simple, all of the options are simple and they are only a phone call away”

Robert Ranson
Best Electrical

How our dashboard dominates

See everything

Easy-to-read visuals and a simple layout gives you a closer look on your driver’s real-time performance.

Driver scorecard

Provide visual proof when coaching and behaviour changes are needed among your drivers. Plus, investigate incidents, spot habits and trends and compare your driver’s productivity and performance, too.

Set the bar high

Measure your team against benchmarks by setting your own limits for each metric. When goals are met, the ROI (Return on Investment) arrives.