Dhillon of London
Dhillon of London
"We can inform our customer and give them a precise arrival time. Live Fleet also helps us get our drivers back on the right track should they get lost."
Raj Dhillon

Dhillon of London improves its coach hire operation with Fleetmatics

Dhillon of London has over 40 years of experience in providing luxury coach hire services throughout the UK and Europe. The family-run business includes a fleet of 11 coaches and employs only highly skilled engineers and drivers to surpass client expectations.

From sightseeing tours and school trips, to large wedding parties and contractual work, Dhillon of London strives to give every client punctual, reliable and competitively priced services.

In keeping with the company's commitment to excellent customer service, Raj Dhillon, owner of Dhillon of London, decided to install GPS truck tracking on her fleet. Ms. Dhillon wanted to know the exact location of her coaches no matter where they were.

She sought out and compared several GPS vehicle tracking companies, and decided to implement the Fleetmatics Vehicle Tracking Solution.

Precise Tracking With Live Fleet

With the Fleetmatics GPS system installed, Ms. Dhillon can use the Live Fleet feature to pinpoint the exact location of every coach in her fleet. This allows her to increase the efficiency of the company's dispatching and routing, as well as improve customer service.

"If a driver is running late, we'll know it right away," said Ms. Dhillon. "We can inform our customer and give them a precise arrival time. Live Fleet also helps us get our drivers back on the right track should they get lost."

Since users can access Fleetmatics GPS via any Internet-enabled computer, Ms. Dhillon can login in at any time to see where her vehicles are and what they are doing.

"I can check from home whenever I want to see where my coaches are at all times, which is fantastic," said Ms. Dhillon.

Avoiding Traffic Delays

Ms. Dhillon also extensively utilises the traffic feature in Live Fleet to further improve routing. Since Dhillon of London provides services throughout the UK and Europe, it's important for drivers to plan routes around any known traffic delays.

"Fleetmatics makes it easy for us to see exactly where there is traffic congestion on the roads," said Ms. Dhillon. "We can divert our drivers to a faster path and get our clients to their destinations on time."

Dhillon of London also uses Fleetmatics Live Fleet to help with transporting students. Parents are able to login, see the exact location of their children's coaches and know exactly when to arrive to pick them up.

Building a Solid Reputation

Another feature Ms. Dhillon uses to great effect is Route Replay. This feature provides a historic record of journeys taken by any vehicle.

With just a click of the mouse, Ms. Dhillon can see exactly where a coach travelled on any journey and when it arrived at its appointed destinations. This information has proved especially useful in solving customer disputes.

"We sometimes get complaints that a driver did not arrive on time for a pickup. We can go to Route Replay and print out the journey to verify what happened," said Ms. Dhillon. "In a few cases, we were able to show that the driver was on time, but had to wait around for the client to show up. This usually makes the problem go away quickly and quietly."

With the Fleetmatics GPS Fleet Tracking Solution installed, Dhillon of London has continued to build on their reputation as a top coach hire company. Ms. Dhillon understands the perceived value of having the ability to track her fleet and has even promoted that fact on the front page of the company's web site.

Cost-Cutting Features

With direct routing, reduced traffic delays and decreased customer complaints, Dhillon of London has managed to cut costs while improving their operations using GPS.

According to Ms. Dhillon, the company has also cut their fuel bill by using Fleetmatics to keep track of idling times. Dhillon of London has used this information to encourage drivers to turn off their coaches when they aren't carrying passengers.

"I wish I had Fleetmatics installed a good couple of years ago," said Ms. Dhillon. "It has helped us out tremendously."

Dhillon of London
Dhillon of London

11 Vehicles

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