Ian Stirling Haulage
Ian Stirling Haulage
“The system is incredibly accurate,” said Mr. Stirling. “I can see exactly what’s going on at any given moment.”
Ian Stirling

Ian Stirling gains control of vehicles and costs using Fleetmatics GPS

Ian Stirling, owner of Ian Stirling Haulage, found his company facing the same challenges as many small-to-medium-sized enterprises with vehicle fleets. He needed to find a way to cut costs in order to maintain viability in the competitive haulage industry while also gaining control of his fleet.

For over 25 years, Ian Stirling Haulage in Renfrewshire has provided exceptional haulage services to its clients throughout Scotland. It’s a small, family-run business facing much larger competition in an industry that has felt the direct effects of climbing costs as the economy struggles.

For Ian Stirling Haulage, the Fleetmatics GPS Vehicle Tracking Solution seemed to be the answer to all of their cost and control issues. Once the tracking system was installed, the results overwhelmingly impressed Mr. Stirling and the company has remained fully committed to Fleetmatics GPS.

Curbing Vehicle Expenses

Fleetmatics GPS has helped Ian Stirling Haulage significantly tighten their expenses through a variety of fuel saving features.

According to Mr. Stirling, his company utilises the Live Fleet feature to know exactly when drivers arrive at a job site and how long it took for them to get there. This eliminates any routing discrepancies and ensures drivers use the quickest route possible to a job.

Dispatchers now have the ability to locate the vehicles nearest to any job site, thus further cutting fuel usage. The automated reports also allow Mr. Stirling to see any excessive mileage and unauthorised vehicle usage on off-days.

In addition, the idling reports show which drivers waste fuel by running their vehicles as climate control during hot or cold days. Ian Stirling Haulage effectively used the information from this report to significantly reduce idling times.

“We have cut our fuel costs dramatically,” said Mr. Stirling. “In fact, the fuel savings alone more than cover the costs of the system.”

Validate and Control Payroll

Ian Stirling also makes extensive use of the Fleetmatics reporting features to verify payroll. Prior to Fleetmatics, Mr. Stirling had no way to verify when his drivers started work or if his drivers took unauthorised breaks.

The first thing Mr. Stirling looks at when he logs into the Fleetmatics fleet tracking system is check Live Fleet to locate every vehicle. Then throughout the day, he knows exactly when an employee arrives on a site, how long they stay there, and when they leave.

“Without Fleetmatics, you really have no idea where your vehicles are or what they are doing,” said Mr. Stirling. “Now I know where they are every minute.”

Combined with data from the Daily Report, Mr. Stirling can now ensure employees work efficiently during all their required hours without worrying about overtime. In fact, his employees now work shorter hours during the day because of their increased productivity.

“The system is incredibly accurate,” said Mr. Stirling. “I can see exactly what’s going on at any given moment.”

Improved Safety and Customer Service

As a result of Fleetmatics, Ian Stirling Haulage has also improved safety for its drivers. Using the speeding alerts, Mr. Stirling is immediately notified if one of his vehicles exceeds a pre-set speed threshold.

“Drivers can sometimes get distracted out on the road,” said Mr. Stirling. “Fleetmatics helps them keep their speed down and has even changed their driving style.”

Customers of Ian Stirling Haulage have also realised the benefits of GPS. The company’s customers are made aware that Stirling’s trucks are tracked. They can get down to the minute estimates on when the trucks will arrive. In addition, delivery times are shorter since Fleetmatics GPS makes it easy to choose direct routes and avoid traffic congestions with Google Mapping.

“We implemented the Fleetmatics vehicle tracking system to control our vehicles, reduce costs and make our business more efficient,” said Mr. Stirling. “The system has helped us do just that. We are quite happy with the cost savings and will never be without Fleetmatics.”

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