Signature Car Hire
Signature Car Hire
“Service is key in the car hire industry. Fleetmatics GPS has proved to be a powerful customer service tool for us.”
Deepak Bhatia
Managing Director

Signature Car Hire Secures Its High-Performance Vehicles with Fleetmatics GPS

When your vehicle fleet includes brands like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin and Rolls Royce, security becomes a top priority.

Signature Car Hire in Middlesex offers a wide variety of prestigious vehicles for hire. The company prides itself on providing clients the latest performance and luxury vehicle models. Signature Car Hire’s professionalism and meticulous attention to service has helped them achieve recognition as a leader in the prestigious car hire market.

But according to Deepak Bhatia, Managing Director of Signature Car Hire, ensuring the security of the company’s vehicles and providing a measure of safety for clients quickly became a major concern. The company turned to Fleetmatics GPS vehicle tracking to meet the security and safety needs for 27 of their high-performance vehicles.

Securing Peace of Mind

With Fleetmatics GPS fleet tracking installed, Signature Car Hire knows the exact location of every vehicle in its fleet. This is especially useful considering that their vehicles are very expensive and highly desirable to professional car thieves.

“We highly value the peace of mind we get from knowing where all our cars are at any given time,” said Mr. Bhatia. “We get an enhanced feeling of security from Fleetmatics because the system offers many functions which are beneficial to our business.”

The Fleetmatics GPS system notifies Signature Car Hire if a vehicle goes outside areas specified for client use. For example, if a client says they are in Cardiff, but the GPS tracking shows the vehicle located in Scotland, Mr. Bhatia can closely monitor the client and contact them for clarification.

In addition, should a vehicle move to a port – a sure sign of possible theft in progress – Mr. Bhatia would know immediately and be able to contact authorities for quick action.

Ensuring Client Safety

Signature Car Hire holds special concern for the safety of its clients. While the company makes sure every car is thoroughly maintained and inspected for safety, clients also must take responsibility for the safety of the vehicles by obeying speed limits.

“When a client exceeds any speed limit, I receive email alerts,” said Mr. Bhatia. “This is invaluable and prompts us to call the client so we can advise them to take more care while driving.”

The speeding alerts also provide evidence in the event a speeding ticket is issued against one of Signature Car Hire’s vehicles. And if a vehicle has been driven at excessive speeds, staff can pay extra attention in inspecting the vehicle for the next client.

Service and Savings

According to Mr. Bhatia, Fleetmatics GPS offers a wide range of benefits that extend beyond security and safety.

“Service is key in the car hire industry,” said Mr. Bhatia. “Fleetmatics GPS has proved to be a powerful customer service tool for us.”

On the rare occasion that a vehicle breaks down, Signature Car Hire can quickly locate the client and send help. This reduces the amount of time a client waits to get back on the road and further proves the company’s commitment to quality service.

Mr. Bhatia has also used the Fleetmatics GPS tracking system to allocate unpaid speeding tickets or congestion charges to the offending clients. Using the Route Replay feature, Mr. Bhatia can review the entire journey of any vehicle to determine when and where a violation occurred.

And because of the additional safety and security that Fleetmatics GPS provides, Signature Car Hire has obtained favourable insurance policy premiums on its vehicles.

“Ensuring we have maximum safety and security for our fleet is a primary goal,” said Mr. Bhatia “With the Fleetmatics Vehicle Tracking System on our prestigious supercars, we have achieved that goal.”

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