Make your field team more productive by giving them either of our Android or iOS (Apple) field service apps, so key job information is easily communicated back to the office. Without placing or receiving a call, field workers can accept a job, send status updates, and even close a work order with a few clicks on their smart phone or tablet. Paperwork in triplicate becomes a thing of the past. Watch as Fleetmatics WORK automatically stores the information in your system. Our field service and mobile workforce management technology gives you the power of mobility which will save you time, paper and money.Fleetmatics WORK Mobile App

What else can you do from your field service app?

  • Keep your office and field workers in sync by receiving job information and updates on your mobile device.
  • Receive alerts via your smart phone or tablet and send updates to the office from the jobsite.
  • Capture your customer’s signature via your mobile device as soon as the job is done.
  • Capture images of the job site and parts and store them for your records.
  • Get driving directions to your next job on your smartphone, so you get there quicker.
workforce optimisation field workerSEND THE RIGHT PERSON FOR THE JOB

Field workers can be configured in Fleetmatics WORK to associate them with specific job types and skills. This means you can always send the right person for the job.