Client Management

Fleetmatics WORK enables you to view your customer details in one location. Don’t worry about losing customer notes, working from out-of-date information or having to play catch up. Add multiple contact details and site locations for one client, add documents and images, log phone calls and even create the custom fields you need to capture the information most important to you.

Fleetmatics WORK Scheduler


Got a new job? Don’t pick up the phone; simply use SMS, email or push notifications (iOS app) to send work orders and know instantly that your field team has acknowledged and accepted the job.

Fleet Scheduling

Has fleet planning and scheduling become too difficult and time-consuming? Fleetmatics WORK can help! With it, you can check availability and schedule open slots in a simple calendar format (which syncs with Google Calendar). You can also create recurring jobs for regular projects and configure the Scheduler View in a way that suits your business.


If you are a service business that has varying pay rates based on tasks or locations, Fleetmatics WORK is for you. Fleetmatics WORK gives you the ability to invoice your clients directly from your mobile device. It also allows you to record payments directly and updates your accounting platform. Fleetmatics WORK gives you the ability to configure invoices, charge appropriate varying rates, and better manage your billing process. It also integrates with a number of accounting packages.


Create quotes for your customers in just a few minutes. Similar to invoices; quotes can be configured by downloading our Microsoft Office template, and you can amend them if required before uploading them back into your Fleetmatics WORK account.

Fleetmatics WORK Reports


Build your own reports to dig into any information within Fleetmatics WORK. You can then export these reports into PDF or Excel format to use and distribute as you wish. This feature allows you a great amount of control and flexibility when analysing activity within your business.


The Inventory feature in Fleetmatics WORK allows you to track the amount of stock you have across multiple warehouses instantly. Store your billing items in one location and send from the office or the field.

field service dispatch software less paper LESS PAPER, MORE SPEED

Manage your jobs, schedules, inventory, invoices and field workers in real-time, without the need for time consuming paperwork.

You’ll also be doing your bit for the environment by cutting down on all that paper!